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For Members

Experience A New Era of Club Wellness 

Enhance your physical therapy and personal training opportunities in the comfort of your club community

Personalized training, lively events, and a vibrant community, all in the comfort of your club's facilities. Let's enrich your club experience together.

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Benefits for Members: 

  1. Exclusive Health: Elevate your club experience with on-site, personalized physical therapy and training sessions. 

  2. Play Longer, Stronger: Our approach isn't just about today—it's about ensuring you continue to enjoy your favorite sports with added agility for years to come.

  3. Injury Prevention: We’re not just about recovery. Our proactive methods aim to spot and address potential issues, ensuring you remain an active participant, not a spectator.

  4. Mind-Body Balance: We see you holistically. Our services offer more than physical health—they’re a gateway to improved mental clarity, stress management, and heightened focus.

Discover a new dimension of club wellness, specially curated for members like you.


Event Examples:


  • Yoga & Mimosas

  • Turkey Trot 5K

  • Aquatics Group Exercise

  • Yoga & Ballroom Dance Wine Paring

  • Learning Seminars

Considering us for your club? 

We invite you to introduce us to your club management team to more about offerings.

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